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the looney man smiley
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character name: the looney man smiley,
character age(preferably date of birth): 13/1/72
alignment(face,heel or nuetral):
character bio(how the character became a wrestler): born in new orleans,he used to get bullyed in school and decided to learn karate,he has murdered 40 people,shot in the lungs,stabbed in the back,been to jail for selling drugs,and has lived life to the worst,now he wrestles to earn money so he can get his convict friend out of jail so they can cause more havoc.
characters hieght: 6ft 2inch
characters wieght: 250 pounds
5  favorite moves: neck breaker,ddt,face buster,elbow drop,violent stomps.
characters finisher: smiley stunner.
finisher description: a normal stunner.
poser: stone cold and goldberg

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