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Overall Cash from roleplaying :  0
Name: "THE 2 MAN MONSTER"   Harley Daniels
age: 23
height: 6'5
weight: 285lbs
alignment:  face
style:  powerhouse
music: Crawling, by Linkin Park
hometown:  Kentucky
biography: Harley Daniels is a loved supeestar, hes always on the face side. He likes
to beat the hell out what ever opponent he faces. He shows pure Ruthless
Moves: Clothes line, Spear, Big Boot, Round House Kick, Big DDT, Spear, Vertical
Suplex, Power Bomb to the outside of the ring, kick to the mid section.
Finisher: The Be-Head
description: Opponent on the floor, Harley behind them stamping his foot on the ground,
opponent turns round, then a scissor kick to the head.
poser:  Any Random picture

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