Welcome to Reloaded Wrestling League,

RWL is basically a wrestling managers game, you create a wrestler,and you start of at a small show, in that show will book you into matches, matches are decided via the amount of training,purchasing and promos the wrestler does. Promos are basically a smaller version of a roleplay. the general manager of the show that you are on will decide bye the promos and interactions who the winner is, then the next day you will find out match results. the more you gain popularity and the more matches you win will determine if you stay or go to another show, if you are very successful you will be traded over to a better show, if your contract runs out you can buy a longer term contract. if you become even better and the general manager or chairman notice that, they might give you a raise in popularity, or even a title shot!

Make sure you dont miss Hellfire every friday night!
and Make sure you dont miss breakout every second Friday night!


Rowheart is a true legend in RWL because he is the first ever World Undisputed Champion, He also has a vey big advantage as he is on both brands, although it takes a lot out of him, he has his fans to support him!

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