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  1. You must roleplay at least once a week. The maximum is 3 a week. The better the roleplays, the better your chance of winning!
  2. When roleplaying you aren't allowed to use other people's characters unless you have there permision.
  3. Do not complain about results, if you lost you lost fairly, several staff members judge RPs so everything is fair
  4. If you can't roleplay please let a member of the management staff know. That way we will not schedule you for a match.
  5. If you are the holder of a championship, it must be defended within 30 days or you will be stripped of it.
  6. There is one weekly show called Monday Night Busted. Also each month there is a PPV.
  7. Have Fun!

Quote: " a man who follows thy rules,grants trustful,respectful nature from those who live with him."

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